21 Sep 2021

The cake cutting is one of the most immortalized moments by the hosts of a wedding and, when the cake appears, it even steals the scene from the newlyweds for few instants.

This is enough to understand that it is a very special moment: the couple is embraced, pampered by a sweet, chosen carefully music background, ready to cut the cake together. It is a moment that lasts only a few seconds… and for this reason it has to be perfect!

The lights on the background can create incantations and an atmosphere that will be forever printed in the photobook of that special day; so, every wedding planner knows that is necessary to pay attention on it, in order to make it a spectacular and romantic moment.

The Sparkular lights are perfect for this day: they give you a surprise effect, becoming a daydream background in that moment: sparkling fountains of lights that fly to the sky and, as little stars, they sorround the newlyweds in a magical and timeless aura. The sparks can create wonderful effects only by their own but, with the right music, they will give you an unforgettable effect.

Sparkular during cake cutting
Sparkular during cake cutting

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