19 Jul 2022


The launch of the first UIM E1 World Championship of electric racing boats took place at the beginning of June in Venice, specifically at the San Clemente Kempinski Palace.

Special godmother of the event was Cara Delavingne, who climbed aboard the RaceBird electric speedboat experiencing the sensation of flying (literally) over the waters.

RaceBird is the first electric racing boat equipped with hydrofoil, 7 meters long for a weight of 800 kg, a real revolution for the world of boating, and next year will take part in the first edition of the E1 World Championship (dedicated to electric boats) with Venice Racing, a strictly Italian team.

Born out of the pencil of Sophi Horne, a famous Norwegian designer, and of the ingenuity of Victory Design and Seabird Technologies, RaceBird is entirely made of carbon and can reach 50 knots of maximum speed at zero emissions, with a range of 40 minutes. As soon as the boat reaches the speed of 25 knots, the hydrofoil eliminates the water resistance and the boat lifts up, really taking off.

An event of this magnitude certainly could not go unnoticed, so here to step up to the console to accompany the launch was Anna De Ferran (aka ADF) well-known international DJ. It was really an honor to participate in this event offering all our professionalism and expertise for technical installations, scenic elements customization, as well as the whole audio, video, lights set-up of the day.

And, let’s admit it, it was beautiful to see so closely a boat of such power flying over the water without hearing almost the slightest noise except that of the waves.

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