Cocktail Party at Palazzo Pisani Moretta – Venice Biennale 2017

10 May 2017

The opening week of the Venice Biennale attracts in the venetian lagoon many artistic and eccentric personalities, a whirlwind of aficionados and insiders who, for this occasion, populate many historical palaces. even for the 57th edition of the popular international exhibition Ravaservice was chosen as technical partner for many events, as for this cocktail party.

palazzo pisani venezia luci evento
palazzo pisani venezia illuminazione facciata evento

Palazzo Pisani is one of the most iconic location of the whole lagoon: it was recently restored and during the Carnival it hosts even nowadays sumptuous masquerades. In occasion of this cocktail party the guests are welcomed from the entry: the imposing palace’s façade shines thanks to contrasting light touches, highlighting the typically venetian architectural lines.

The receiving takes place in the interior rooms of the palace, hosting moreover some exclusive musical exhibitions: we provided for a complete service, curating the whole Light Design project specifically studied for the occasion, as well as the audio system, the backline and the needed structured for the live exhibition of the band.

palazzo pisani venezia luci service backline
palazzo pisani venezia illuminazione cocktail evento biennale
palazzo pisani venezia illuminazione cocktail evento biennale

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