07 Dec 2021


Christmas is coming and many people can’t wait to decor and embellish their home for the festivities. So go-ahead to Christmas trees, classical or particular, garlands, table centers with candles…By now there are infinite ways to decor and embellish every room!

But, how many satisfaction do outside decorations give? (Even only to make your neighbour jealous…)

There are so many ways to decor the facade of the house and embellish the garden with lights and colours. It isn’t necessary to have  a giant garden to make it beautiful: even the driveway of the house, if well decorated, can change its appearance and be enhance. 

Are you ready to surround the house with an atmosphere of a real Christmas fairy tale?

Here you are five ideas to lighting the outside of your house:


  • Trees of light

Imagine one or more trees in your garden with the branches wrapped by our Fairy Lights: lighting threads that emanate a warm and soft light. Microled that do not overheat, so that you can put them also near the crown or the bark of the plants. They can also be hang and let of to the ground for a light waterfall effect


  • Bright hedges and bushes

Not only trees! Light up also hedges and bushes of the garden, maybe with led light bars positioned on the ground near the plant. Depending on the direction and the power of the led light it is possible to create some particular light games. For example, guiding the light beam with a bottom up movement, you can enhance the shape, with a suggestive effect of soft and enveloping light.


  • A magic door

Our entrance door is the welcome that we offer to our guests and the place where we left anger and bad mood before entering in our lovely home. So why don’t enhance it? Instead of the same holly garland or the face of Santa Claus (so nineties), imagine a suggestive and welcoming garland of lights. Sparkling and colorful or warm and hospitable, they will give a smile to the person that will pass in front of it.


  •  Shiny windows

We can’t forget  the windows, decorating them will give a beautiful effect inside but also outside of your house! We can decorate them along the edge with a strip of led lights or with a rain of Fairy Light that, falling down, it will create a very wonderful effect!


  • Architectural lighting

If you like to dare and don’t get unnoticed, here’s the solution: enhance the facade of the house, the staircase, the porch or other particular architectural elements through a wise use of light. You can choose to projecting on the walls some animated images or some chromatic effects fully personalized… for a really ‘’wow’’ effect

Christmas lighting tree
Christmas lighting garland
Christmas lighting window

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