29 Nov 2021


At the end of October, there was the in style thirtieth birthday party of Chiara Carcano.  

Plan With Us set up, for the beautiful mailwoman of ‘’C’è posta per te’’, a bright party in Milan, in the exclusive Canter restaurant near San Siro, and Chiara shared her happiness with more than 460 thousands follower.

For such a shiny birthday girl there can only be shiny effects: so, in the highlight moment, here they were our Sparkular lights, capable of become the spectacular frame for the most beautiful photos; an unexpected firework game that, during the cake cutting, has surprised all the guests, giving a very ‘’wow effect’’.

The ‘’Good Vibes Influencer’’ chose as the party’s theme ‘’Casinò Night’’: a ceiling covered by red, black and gold balloons, game cards as placeholder and a Russian roulette as table center. 

Chiara Carcano Birthday party Sparkular Lights

In a beautiful long black dress with a split, Chiara cut her birthday cake with a 30 shape and decorated with red roses, surrounded by our Sparkular Light that give a perfect Instagram style.

The Sparkular lights are fountains of cold lights with splashes of sparks that can reach customized heights from 1,5 meters to 5 meters. They don’t create smoke or smell, don’t heat and they are completely non-toxic, characteristics that allow to use them also in the outside. 

We, from Ravaservice, can offer you different choices to make unforgettable and special your party. 

Chiara Carcano Birthday Party Sparkular Lights

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