26 Jan 2022

When we organize an event in Venice we already know that it will enjoy that impalpable charm. But if the event in question takes place on a barge floating on the water, then its appeal becomes really magical.

Golden Goose is an all Italian brand, born in 2000 from the creative spirit of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, young venetian designers, outsiders compared to the fashion world, who entrusted us with the task of supporting them in the organization of an event that would reflect the soul of the company: to stand out with an innovative product, an unconventional communication strategy and selective positioning.

For such a company, we could not limit ourselves to a predictable or boring event!

So here is a real journey to broaden the perspective of the brand through new experiences: “From Venice to Venice” with protagonist Cory Juneau, one of the most promising talents on the world skate scene. And here the Golden Goose’s journey in three stages: staring of Venice (Los Angeles, California) passing through Tokyo and ending in Venice (Italy).

And it was in Venice that the iconic Skate Bowl came to life: a 40-meter long by 20-meter wide barge on which was installed, for the first time in the world, a 15x15-meter skate track made to measure for Cory Juneau’s exhibition

Ravaservice took care of the complete technical set up, from the audio and lighting equipment to the ledwall and the electrical distribution, creating an absolutely unique event.

The barge sailed along the Grand Canal on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival and then arrived in front of San Marco, where it docked to let on board about one hundred selected guests who had access to a super exclusive event, which included also the performance of Cory Juneau on the skate track.

In collaboration with Dee Group, we designed the entire set up of the spaces and a particularly well designed amplification system (given that we are in the middle of the lagoon and certainly not in a conference hall). A high resolution 7x4 metres mega ledwall and a video control room with three cameras and two drones to view the show from all possible angles and give a 360° view to those present and an immersive experience to those who were not there.

With internationally renowned digital director Oliver Astrologo, we directed the video during the event, broadcasting a live-streaming extract on Golden Goose channels.

We also designed and took care of the Bowl’s lighting in great detail, with perimeter lighting and all branded parts of the barge.

An event to remember!

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