26 Oct 2021


Lamps are always foundamental elements in an event’s installation. And, with the type of light they can radiate (warm or cold, bright or soft…), they can be crucial to the wedding’s mood and create sophisticated atmosphere inside or outside locations!

Martino Crespi, the unquestionable enchatments director, king of the most glamorous events of the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, says: ‘’You can do a great installation but, if it doesn’t be lighted right, you lose a big part of your work’’. And he’s right!


So, think of Chandeliers, elegant and sophisticated crystal lamps supported by an essential, curved, steel rod perfect to set up big tables and embellish installations. Chandeliers are the most elegant source of artificial lights and they can guarantee a widespread lighting in the surroundings and a stable collocation thanks to the modern rod of support: a sophisticated detail, a synonym of a timeless class. It is possible also to hang them on the tensile structure of a location or customize them in order to incorporate them to the installation.


Or, for a bucolic wedding, think of Rattan lamps, incredible in their simplicity, that can heat immediately the context. They give you a natural, disarming and bucolic atmosphere, that offers the guests a sense of family. They can give you a green touch, rural or vintage and thanks to their dense interlacement; they are a source of warm and wide light.


You cannot choose the best lamp for your event?

Ravaservice can offer you a great selection of lamps, also for rent, perfect for every context in order to meet your request!

Check out our brochure and choose the best lamp for your event!

Rattan chandelier

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