scenographic lightings


The environments make up for wedding (and much more)

The wedding receiving has to be personal and has to reflect the style of the event: that’s the reason why our scenohraphic lightings, according to the surrounding set-ups, recreate a unique and unforgettable atmosphere to your guests’ eyes.


Whatever interior, historic, elegant or modern is decorated with light colours and shadows brush strokes, specifically studied with a Light Design project. It’s the environments make up, able to turn whatever location according to your event’ s mood.


Thanks to harmonic beams of light which light up the walls and every decorative element, we get a warm reflecting light in all the environment, making it the ideal place where receiving your guests.


We use our innovative cable-free miniaturized projectors, battery fuelled and completely mirrored for perfectly integrating in every environment, together with a precise spatial management: the colour variation adds the quid able to turn the environment into a painting to be admired.


It’s a lighting adaptive to every kind of event, not only to weddings: gala dinners, birthday parties, special celebrations… we create a carefully studied lights play, for recreating different intensity and width perceptions , making every location the perfect place where live your event.

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