Garden tree lights: tips and ideas for your wedding

23 Nov 2020

If you are thinking of setting up an outdoor wedding, lights for garden trees can create a charming and elegant atmosphere. Let’s see what kinds of lighting are best suited to decorate the outdoor environment.

Lights for garden trees: fairy lights

Fairy lights are light wires that emit a warm, soft light. Little LED bulbs don’t overheat, so they can also be placed near the foliage and bark of plants.

You can use them to wrap around branches and illuminate the canopy of trees, or hang them up and let them drop to the ground for a “waterfall of light” effect.

You can also create glowing garlands with fairy lights to hang from taller shrubs to create magnificent scenery around the wedding reception venue.

Micro lights garlands are also suitable to enlighten the trees that line the paths of the villa, the rows of a vineyard or floral arrangements.

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How to choose lights for garden trees

If you need to enlighten garden trees with a very large trunk, we suggest to choose LED projectors with a wide aperture, which allow you to radiate light over the entire canopy of the plant. For trees with tall and thin trunk instead we suggest to use a Spotlight projector with a narrower light beam, able to enhance the trunk and the height of the plant.

LED strips, finally, allow you to highlight hedges, shrubs and bushes of limited height, thanks to the ellipsoidal optics that concentrate the light on the plant.

Depending on the orientation and power of the LEDs, it is possible to create special light effects. For example, directing the light beam from the bottom upwards will enhance the appearance of the tree, obtaining a very striking effect. Instead, if you wish to increase the perceived size of the plant, we suggest to use three spotlights arranged in a triangle around the trunk. Finally, you can bring out the surface of the bark by placing a spotlight in front of the tree. In any case, it is important to measure the power of the LEDs to avoid a glare effect and instead obtain a soft and enveloping light.

Another aspect to consider when choosing lights for garden trees is the kind of lighting, warm or cold. If you want to give a more chic and formal look to the environment, cold light is more suitable. On the other hand, if the theme of the wedding is vintage, country or boho, warm light is perfect to give a cozy and informal touch to the outdoor spaces.

You should also consider the aesthetic result you want to achieve: while the cold light enhances the shapes of the tree, the warm light intensifies the color of the leaves. You can also use both to play with different tones.

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