Wedding Lights: our advices to create a magical and romantic atmosphere

16 Jun 2020

Every wedding is different, personal, and intimate. Light has a fundamental role: with the right lighting it is possible to create a unique, romantic and unforgettable atmosphere, perfectly matching with the style of the location and the expectations of the bride and the groom.

Lighting gives you the opportunity to create the perfect scenography for your wedding, improving the beauty of the location and highlighting all the most important moments of your wedding.

If you will have an outdoor wedding reception, lighting is an important aspect that you cannot undervalue. An expertly prepared light design will be fundamental to create a unique and cozy atmosphere

Here you can find three advices on how to lighting your outdoor wedding reception.

1 – How to use the architectural lighting to lighting your location’s external façades

A unique scenography is necessary in order to create the perfect event and to welcome your guests from their arrival at your event.

Our suggestion is to create a play of lights, in order to improve the beauty and highlight every element of your location’s architectural structure, creating a unique and cozy atmosphere. The right lighting, is an amazing decoration, it will light by reflection the dehors and the external environment.

2 – Fairy Lights to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere

Fairy lights are the decorative led small lights generally used to decorate Christmas trees. In your wedding, they can be used as details to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Imagine those fairy lights hanging from trees, terraces, supporting structures.

If you are aiming at impressing, a Canopy of Stars can be the perfect solution. It is a self-standing structure, both functional and very decorative, that creates a “rain of stars” effect, extremely romantic and fascinating.

3 – A sparkling cake cut

The cake cut is a fundamental moment in every wedding, a moment that need to be lived and remembered. It is an iconic moment, but if you want to make it unforgettable, we suggest you to include an element of surprise, that will surprise your guests.

The perfect solution is a cold pyrotechnic fountain with sparkling lights. The effect will be unexpected and astonishing, transforming your cake cut into an unforgettable moment.


Ravaservice can offer you those and many other solution to create the perfect scenography for your wedding. Our modern and sophisticated equipment and our young and competent team will offer you all the best options for a perfect light design to enlighten your wedding, making it a unique and unforgettable moment. Contact us !

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