3D video mapping

A new video projection… a real show!

3D Video Mapping is a particular video projection technique: through strong cinema projectors every surface, building or object, is turned into a screen where video contents can be projected. We act through a preventive scan and mapping of the surface, so that the projection system can act realistically with every detail of the scene, recognizes shapes and corners and makes them become real decorative elements.


The creative subject, totally customized, is studied together with the client: it is possible to insert whatever audio visual communicative message, even referring to your Brand Image. The result is a real show, where a new aesthetic is designed using lights and colours: light and shadow plays, together with a soundtrack specifically studied, make the 3D Video Mapping a real show, a moment of entertainment to offer to your guests.


RAVASERVICE is leader in this field and it was among the firsts to believe into the Architectural 3D Video Mapping: we have a creative team that develops ideas and contents together with the technical staff that deals with the right placement and the calibration of the video projectors.


RAVASERVICE realizes also Interactive Video Projections, where images or graphic videos allow to the user interacting with different kind of multimedia contents, created together with the client. 3D Video Mapping and Interactive Video Projections are the ideal techniques for launching new products and amaze your guests in occasion of gala dinners, as well as corporate and promotional events, conferences and conventions.

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