19 Jan 2022

The unknown of the weather is an aspect that greatly influences the choice of the wedding date.

Many couples prefer to focus on spring or summer to have a better chance of having a sunny day. But just as many couples take the Hamlet doubt straight out of their heads “and if it rains?” therefore having to deal with the famous “plan B” and they choose to get married in autumn and winter, embracing these seasons without fear.

Surely the highlights season of the weddings remain those at the turn of the hottest months, yet in the autumn and winter wedding you can create wonderful charms: starting from bride’s dress up to the set-ups and the best way to enhance the atmosphere… let’s not forget that they are still the most romantic seasons!

The main aspect to consider is undoubtedly the location: choosing a typically winter place or characteristic place such a mountain chalet or mediaeval castle it can make an environment even more magical and suggestive in case of snow or cold. Inside, to give a familiar and informal touch to the whole context, you can get a small corner dedicated to herbal teas or hot chocolates.

When choosing a wedding palette, warm and cosy colours are also welcome: venitian red or forest green go perfectly with gold or silver details, providing a refined accent.

If we are talking about the winter bride, we cannot forget the bouquet: the dominat accessory that best describes the style and atmosphere of the wedding! Let’s leave plenty of room for the refined and particular combinations that the cold seasons offer us, the choice can fall on seasonal flowers such as hellebores (also known as “Christmas roses”), snowdrops, freesias, buttercups or peonies accompanied by branches with berries or eucalyptus and, why not you can even dare with dried flowers and evergreen needles.


Light Design plays a fundamental role in winter weddings, and this is where we at Ravaservice come into play: we have to  remember that it starts getting dark early in the afternoon, so let’s remember to leave plenty of room for lights and illuminations that can gently brighten and warm the atmosphere with plays of lights and shadow. A clever use of architectural lighting or architectural video projections will create a magical atmosphere outside the venue, and the gardens can also be used in winter thanks to the use of an elegantly set-up and lit marquee.

Inside we could easily play with the pleasant movement offered by candles placed in candelabra at the centre of the table and interspersed by chains of small bulbs or cascades of lights and lanterns strategically placed in the room. Majestic crystal chandeliers with warm light enrich the setting with timeless sophistication. Always remember that light is pure magic, able to accentuate even more the uniqueness and special features of this period and of giving your guests a unique, evocative and poetic experience.

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