Let’s talk about weddings: the perfect lighting for your party

17 Aug 2021

Let’s talk about weddings: the perfect lighting for your party

You have exchanged the rings, the cutting of the cake was awesome and the first dance brought everyone to tears… what now? The best part of the evening awaits: let’s dance!

The audio and lights systems are the perfect blend for the perfect party. Too often, these aspects take second place, but they can completely transform the vibe of a party. This is why professional workers of this sector are required. They will put in practice their technical expertise to support every request of the DJ or the Live Band.

Friends and family get on the dance floor with you, ready to begin the most thrilling part of the day. Yet, very often, the Light Design of the wedding party does not have much importance.

It doesn’t matter if you chose a luxurious villa, a contemporary venue, or a modern marquee: the party is the final and conclusive moment of your wedding and it must live up to the spectacular day you have passed.

In an historic villa, the lights need to be scenographic. The Vintage Lamps with their subtle warmth create a timeless atmosphere, generating bright displays of light and embellishing the dancefloor with exquisite golden flares.

Instead, in modern locations, dynamic set-ups such as Moving Heads, Mirror Balls or Stage Blinders will frame the memories of the guests in a fiery, euphoric and thrilling lighting.

Nonetheless, a transversal product that is always spot on are the Titan Tubes: vertical and cylindrical leds, which create a perfect and sophisticated ambiance by changing color and lighting up to the rhythm of the music.

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