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01 Oct 2020



In the last few months, the planning of live corporate events has come to a screeching halt due to the health emergency, which has imposed strict rules of social distancing.


Many companies have organized themselves accordingly, moving the planning of their events to the Web: courses, conferences, conventions, round tables and product presentations. Digital technologies make possible to plan any kind of online event, from webinars reserved for a few people to conferences with thousands of participants worldwide.


The first thing to consider when planning a streaming corporate event is that people at home have a lower attention span. In fact PC screen works as a filter, eliminating much of the emotional involvement usually generated by a live event, and at the same time they have a lot of distracting elements present at home (phone, TV, doorbell, children, pets, etc.).


For this reason, it is important to follow some steps in planning and provide moments thought to involve and excite the audience.

Organizzazione eventi aziendali online: alcuni consigli utili
Organizzazione eventi aziendali online: alcuni consigli utili


As said, webinars and streaming events, especially those that go on for many hours, can bore attendees sitting in front of their computers. Here you have some tips to keep their attention high:

  1. Cut down on downtime as much as possible, or fill it with side content. For example, you can have an artist who can create illustrations in real time on the main topics discussed, and ask him or her to do so in the breaks between talks. Drawings will provide informative and entertaining material that participants will tend to share spontaneously on their social channels, amplifying the visibility of the event and the brand.
  1. Set up online games or questionnaires. Gamification is a great tool to increase audience engagement and stimulate interaction. Remember, however, that any game initiative, to be effective and meaningful, must be oriented to the achievement of the objectives of the event or related to the topics covered by the various guests.
  1. Provide some entertainment. If the webinar or conference is going on for several hours, you can schedule short performances of music, theater or dance.


Digital technologies allow you to create interactive virtual environments that simulate real physical spaces. For example, you can create a home screen that mimics a conference room and offer the audience the opportunity to interact with the various graphic elements present.

Thanks to our Virtual Interactive Congress online platform dedicated to the planning of online corporate events, users can access real virtual exhibition spaces, from which they can view and download information material about the sponsors or the various participants.

The platform also allows all users to connect via audio-video and actively participate in the webinar or event with questions or comments, becoming visible to the rest of the participants just as if they were in the audience.


Nowadays one of the biggest sources of distraction is the phone, so why not take advantage of the participants’ “cell phone addiction” for the success of the initiative? By encouraging the sharing of posts on social channels with prizes for the most original and interesting content, you will exponentially increase the visibility of the event and that of the company that organized it.


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