28 Jun 2022


“A Highly contemporary vintage style” this is the motto with which Patek Philippe wanted to recreate a perfect interaction between classicism and modernity to present the new collection of luxury watches from the Geneva manufacture.

The event took place in the historic center of Verona, at the Gran Guardia Palace, which directly overlooks the enchanting Piazza Brà and the Arena.

Patek Philippe’s greatest goal has always been an aesthetic evolution, a transition to the present with absolute creative freedom and expression, and so here an equally unique promotional event came to life, in which we at RAVA Service took care of the space set-up, light design, set-up and sound design.

An orchestra performed live the most beautiful soundtrack of maestro Ennio Morricone and the live music was combined with the viewing of frames of the films from which they are taken, thanks to the projection of them on ledwalls placed strategically and non-invasively in the large hall.

Even the presentation of a product can become a real corporate event, attracting the attention of those present and giving them an unforgettable experience.

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