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27 Apr 2021

Can online and offline worlds be united into a cohesive and hybrid experience?

Can online and offline worlds be united into a cohesive and hybrid experience?

To create a hybrid experience, both physical and digital, in the world of events is complicated, but not impossible.

Our experience enables us to do just that. Through Phydigital we created live streaming events for various clients, companies, brands and institutions. What does it mean? We will conduct the technical set-up and the scenographic layout in the presence of the speakers, while the audience will connect online directly from home.

We transmitted events in two languages thanks to a simultaneous live translation, while managing videos, presentations, live shootings and the participation of speakers connected remotely.

Phydigital is the combination of physical and digital experiences, unifying the best of both worlds. Our main goal, regarding online streaming events, is to guarantee the maximum level of interaction and accessibility, just like in face-to-face events.

Thanks to an online event, be it virtual or hybrid, we can help you maintain an interactive connection with your clients and guests, even in these new circumstances.

From February 2020 onwards, numerous companies have already adopted our specialized services in the world of live and online events.


…and you, what do you think of the opportunities that streaming events offer us?

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