Aman Venice


Aman Hotel Venice is a very exclusive location: it faces the Canal Grande and it is only a few distant from the Rialto Bridge, it belongs to the seven-stars category.


It rises at Palazzo Papadopoli, historical residence built in the second half of the XVI century, on commission od the Coccina’s family; after being their residence and after the Coccina’s extinction, it will be acquired by the Tiepolo’s family in 1748 and finally by the Papadopoli’s family in 1864.


It has one of the most imposing and balanced façades of the ones which faces the Canal Grande, characterized by a Istrian stone’s decoration, inspired to Sebastiano Serlio’s artworks. At the ground floor there is a big portal whose frame contains two couples of square windows.


Recently the Palace was turned into a luxury resort, now Aman Venice is the ideal location for hosting glamorous events: not only wedding and gala dinners, but also cocktail parties and cultural events. In these occasions our Light Design projects enrich the natural artistic and architectural beauty, making the environment even more welcoming and extremely customized.


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