L’Esedra di Santo Stefano


L’Esedra of Santo Stefano was the abode of Durazzo’s family in Sestre Levante. It was built in the XVIII century and it is situated on a slope that thin out up to the Tigullio sea.


It is an excellent location for hosting every kind of events and conferences, it offers also the possibility to set up conventions, exhibitions or product launches in the nature stillness of Riviera Ligure in Levante.


The interiors of the villa are composed by an ancient portal, painted ceilings, stuccos, decorations and art objects. In every room their colours and furniture make the space warm and refined, making the ideal location for welcoming ceremonies and events. The light can turn this spaces, making them exciting and touching environments.


The greenery is turned into a living room when it is appropriately lighted up with the right color and intensity. For a reception we can realize different kind of lightings of the interiors set up for the open bars and the dance floor. In this way the villa reveals its splendour, making you feel favoured guests like the noble families that lived there.

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