Isola del Garda


Isola del Garda is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, just a few feet from San Felice del Benaco. It is said that in 1220 St.Francesco d’Assisi, returning from a long journey, came to visit the island and considered it an ideal place for a community of friars, convinced the owner to give him the northern area making it an important ecclesiastical centre of meditation.


Later it was again acquired by a noble bourgeois family who dedicated himself to the actual design of the villa and the construction of the park. Its current charm is linked to the architect Luigi Rovelli who in the early 1900s redesigned the body of the central villa in venetian neo-gothic style.


Even today, the park and the central body of the villa remain a well-kept secret and only recently opened for visits. Isola del Garda is therefore the suitable location to host events of different kinds: wedding, gala dinners, receptions and private parties. The villa in fact lends itself to welcoming its guests by placing them in a suggestive atmosphere, embellished with a harmony of colours, shades and light effects.

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