Nani Bernardo Palace


For competing with the beauty of Nani Bernardo Palace, the lighting project that we studied for this magnificent building has as main aim a great scenographic effect, that highlights the whole façade build between Renaissance and Baroque. The palace faces the Canal Grande, Venice main drag, and for increasing its magnificence at all your guests’eyes coming from the water, it will be lighted into the night through a light and color play, according to the balanced style of its architecture.


Among the water door and the corridor there will be a lighting ininerary, thought for going with your guests at the main floor. It’s here that many receptions take place and every single room will be lighted up as the manufacts – olis, tapestries, porcelain and silver – are appropriately lighted up,a s the surroundings.


For the whole lighting project we will use our innovative change-color projectors, battery fueled and wireless controlled. These are miniaturized and imperceptible, which perfecly integrate into the palace’ environments thanks to their mirrored finishing which reflects all the surfaces that surround them. A real easthetic and qualitative revolution, as only the light is visible.

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