Zeno Palace


This XIII century palace shows its gothic façade in its untouched beauty to all the guests comung from rio San Stin, from you can see its XVII century two obelisks. Still nowadays the palace is populated by Zeno family that wanted to share the uniqueness of an authentic venetian abode for organizing an event into a palace.


The building is composed by several environments, each one characterized by a particular artistic value which required an appropriate lighting. The façade when is lighted up in its fluttering flowering gothic architecture reflects itself into the rio’s water, doubling its shapes. The entrance hall, lighted up with the right colors, will be impressed into the guests’ memory for who is coming from the water door.


At the main floor there is a great portego, where the party usually takes place: here the lighting will be important and intense, enought for make frescos and decorations shine. The roooms are developped around this main environment: the Amigoni Room, the Stucchi Room, the alcove and the archieve. All these environments will be lighted up referring to materials and colors which represent them, gracefully enhancing their centuries-old beauty.

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