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Peggy Guggenheim


Peggy Guggenheim Foundation is located in the famous Venier dei Leoni Palace. This palace is known to be an incomplete building, probably because of absence of money, or, because the important Corner family, who lived in front of Vernier dei Leoni, took position against the construction of an edifice that probably could be bigger and more beautiful than theirs.


At the end of 1948 Peggy Guggenheim acquires the Vernier Palace, where she’ll reside thirty years. From 1951 till 1979, year of Peggy’s death, Peggy Guggenheim opens the palace and the collection to the public.


Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with its famous modern art collection, is an ideal place for private events. Situated on the Canal Grande, in the heart of Venice, the museum offers the opportunity to you and your guests to enjoy the suggestive atmosphere, made more personal by light and shadow plays.

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