Rocca Borromea

Located on the South side of Lake Maggiore and surrounded by Lombard pre-alps, Rocca Borromea of Angera dominates the landscape, resulting a worldwide-recognized place of historical and cultural interest.Being its history closely linked to the rise of Visconti family, in XII century the building underwent numerous enlargement and remodeling initiatives desired by the noble family in order to demonstrate its power and prestige. In the second half of XV century, following the acquisition of Vitaliano I Borromeo, the Rocca became residence and politic symbol of the family to whom it still belongs.


After having experienced a period of great decay, in the XVII century the Rocca was extensively restored: famous Milanese painters were engaged for decorations, making the Rocca one of the most emblematic buildings of Borromean familiar history and intended to reflect the power and ancient origins of the family.


In complete respect of the location and its cultural and historical significance, our lighting solutions allow you to enjoy your event in a magical and romantic atmosphere. The illuminated terrace overlooking the Lake Maggiore, as well as the inner courtyards are a perfect scenography for a reception of great class that will be remembered with joy by your guests.

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