Villa Erba


Worldliness, culture, erudite and brilliant conversations. In this way people spent their time at Villa Erba, a sumptuous residence of vacation that the Erba family realized at the beginning of last century as a symbol of their wealth. Today the villa, with ancient frescoes, the precious ceilings, the airy and opulent architecture, maintains its original vocation and it is appropriate to become the setting of your events.


Each window is a Villa Erba picture and it needs an appropriate Light Design project able to be adaptive to the variety and magnificence of that environment. Every views on the lake and its beauty deserves a special lighting, calibrated in intensity and colour. Each room is a small masterpiece of mannerism of the start of the XX century, and we will choose the most adequate light depending on the materials and colours to emphasize the environment.


Focus of the villa is the atrium, spectacular and grandiose, perfect for aperitifs, concerts, press conferences, conventions, seminars, parties and gala dinners. Here the lighting will be important and intense, according with the opulent style of the architecture. All around the rooms of the ground floor surrounded by large terraces, along with the picturesque lakeside garden, are the ideal places for lunches and dinners in the open air. Even in outdoor environments we will act with the same care for the lighting of the nature, turning the tree tops as extensions of the magnificent halls of the villa.

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