Villa La Rotonda


Villa Almerico Capra also called La Rotonda is located near Vicenza, nearby the Riviera Berica street. La Rotonda is one of the most famous and imitate building of modern architecture history, without any doubt it is the most famous Palladio’s villa and probably the most famous villa in Veneto. This villa is part of UNESCO humanity property.


Over the centuries La Rotonda was visited by poets and artists, statesmen, monarchs, students, art lovers and tourists. To all its visitors La Rotonda gives an unforgettable emotion and sense of harmony and grace.


After five-hundred years, La Rotonda is still a place of pure beauty that is waiting for you to transmit inspiration, culture, joy. It usually hosts private, cultural and corporate events, for which we plan a Light Design project, valorising stuccos, frescos and artistic virtues making the atmosphere warmer and welcoming.

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