Villa Molin


Villa Molin is an ancient estate located at the foot of Colli Euganei, not so far from the historical centre of Padua. In 1597 Niccolò Molin, ambassador of the Republic of Venice, entrusted the project of a residence, worthy of his family, to the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, thus the first project of the ancient residence was born. The following years were very crowded, marked by the succession of numerous families, until 1955 when the entrepreneur Kofler bought the villa inaugurating an important restoration work.


The villa follows a central square plan, refined by the elegant pronaos with Ionic columns that look out over the Battaglia canal. The plain is extremely geometric defining both the shape of the villa and of the central hall. In addition, the loggia on the river is a sort of belvedere, so called because of its openings to the outside.


A careful project of Light Design is able to embellish the environment, enhancing the architectural and the artistic beauty, making it suitable for receptions, weddings and events in general.

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