Villa Montruglio


Villa Montruglio is an ancient country estate: it rises on the Colli Berici, in a dominant position up on a green area made by woods, fields and wineyards. It was commissioned by the Vicenza family Arnaldi, the villa was built between XVII and XVIII century: even today you can recognize its style which reveals noticeable Palladian influence.


The abode is developed following a quadrangular pattern, where you can find the Villa, characterized by the three arch-shaped windows joint together by an impressive walkaway and a big decoration put on the façade, characterized by five statues of ancient divinities.


Moreover the Barchessa, typical architectural element of the Ville Venete tradition, finally a private chapel and a brolo, typically venetian nous which stands for the private garden where the fruit trees were cultivated.


These areas nowadays host receivings, events and weddings: for the occasion the Light Design embellish the environment with accurate light, colors and shadows brush strokes, making it elegant and welcoming.

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