22 Feb 2022

The months from May to September are undoubtedly the most coveted to celebrate their own wedding. The “good season” makes the bride and groom wish for a sunny day with the possibility of having an outdoor wedding.

But although the peak season for weddings is still during the warmer months, there are still exclusive ways to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding and make it unique.

From the location to the dress, from favours to the menu… everything can be personalized by the touch you want to give to this day.

But have you ever thought about how important lighting can be in giving your day a distinctive character? Lighting is the element that can create the atmosphere you want, from the most romantic to the most glamorous, thanks to the play of light and shadow and strokes of magic.

A professional light designer will be able to use architectural lighting or video projections to create a magical atmosphere outside the venue and even a marquee will be unique if it is elegantly set up and lit.

Not to mention gardens, where trees and shrubs come to life and shine with decorative lights that blend in with natural light until dusk and then magically twinkle to create an unforgettable backdrop as darkness approaches. Outdoors, a clever play of light will enliven any park or garden. Or even a forest!

Ceilings of lights that shine and illuminate, chains of small light bulbs like millions of fireflies, elegant chandeliers that spread romance and refined atmosphere…it will be like being projected into a fairy tale, where every wish can be fulfilled.

And don’t forget an attractive and dynamic dance floor where guests can dance until late to the tunes of the best songs. Whether you choose a DJ set or a live show, it is still important to have a professional and reliable audio service that technically supports the artists’ requests (see our article on the importance of the dance floor here:

Lights have all this power… and more!

And we at Ravaservice, who have been working with lighting for over 15 years, know this very well and are able to create the ambience perfectly in line with the mood you choose for your wedding.

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