18 Nov 2021


The historical brand Aperol Campari Group is back in style realizing an iconic terrace inspired by the real venetian ‘’Bacari’’ tavern, but in a modern and cosmopolitan key.

So the brand, has reintroduced itself in Veneto, after becoming a social and international phenomenon in little more than 100 years, a concrete representation of the spritz’ conviviality, the most famous aperitif, ever more a real ritual.

But, what did Campari Group want to demonstrate with this opening?

They wanted to show that the lively ‘’orange’’ colour is back in town: so green light to a futuristic place, that fuse tradition and extraordinary. Great attention to the made in Veneto details, as the parquet made with ”Briccole”  (The typical Lagoon wood poles), the majestic Murano crystal chandeliers and the decorations on the walls realized with pieces of glass and venetian stucco.

Videoprojection Terrazza Aperol

The ‘’welcome back’’ to this historical brand was given by an architectural projection on the outside façade of the building, in Campo Santo Stefano, near ponte dell’Accademia. With our direction we created a wonderful and dynamic movement of two glasses that came closer in the façade’s center, to celebrate together with a giant ‘’cheers’’.

The live music entertainment by Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello musicians of Venice accompanied the guests for all the evening and the lights, that were the opening’s frame, managed to create a renew and immersive atmosphere.

The sensation was to live something new… but also something that everyone already knows from always.

Videoprojection Terrazza Aperol

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