THE I-CUBE: the geometrical form of communication

30 Jul 2021

THE I-CUBE: the geometrical form of communication

Would you like to organize an event for your company that will be stuck into the memories of the colleagues in the audience? Are you searching for something new, original and unique?

All right then. Now, close your eyes and imagine a large cube in the middle of a room of your chosen location. The geometrical perfection of this polyhedron immediately conveys a feeling of order, solidity and control.

Afterwards, the cube comes to life. It communicates with the surrounding environment and with the crowd, thanks to the projections on large sheets on its sides, which act as screens. Now, it is not only robust and perfect. The emotions it transmits change, and they begin to move, evocative and vibrant. The walls of the cube have become alive, dynamic and interactive projections.

Then, the drapes will fall only at the perfect moment, thanks to the kabuki effect. They will do so perfectly synchronized, to leave space to the heart of your message. Your product.

Here is the I-Cube, the dynamic multimedia presentation that becomes an immersive experience, where people have a complete 360° view and the message you want to convey literally surrounds them.

The audience will also be able to enter the cube from an opening in a wall, and interact with the product in an authentic and genuine way.

A hypermedia experience so impeccable that it seems real.

I-Cube: reality and multimedia can coexist, in a simple harmony of perfection.

multimedia projection product presentation
multimedia projection product presentation cube
multimedia projection product presentation

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