Wedding Party at Isola del Garda

03 Apr 2018

A gorgeous private residence on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, a few arms from San Felice Del Benaco, welcomes an important wedding on a warm summer evening. This imposing villa in venetian neo-gothic style shines at the setting of the sun in one of the emotional and romantic moments: under the careful direction of Anna Giordano, Style A Wedding wedding planner, the couple live the marriage ritual, giving emotions and fascinating their guests at sunset.

Garda Island Brescia Lake Garda Wedding Lighting Light Design
Garda Island Brescia Lake Garda Wedding Lighting Light Design

The italian garden in front of the central body of the villa welcomes guests introducing them in the evening. A rich welcome cocktail, with a privileged view of Lake Garda, takes place on the terrace overlooking the villas’ garden, enveloping guests in a harmonius atmosphere. The evening continues in the park of the island, where the carefully lit trees, hedges and flowers arrangements and decorations follow one another so as to recreate an exciting setting.

A careful project of Light Design, in full agreement with the mood of the evening, creates a scenographic frame capable of enhancing the reception and the lounge areas, reconstructing a warm suggestion. Finally, the final party made dynamic and sparkling by a play of beams of light and colors, to accompany the dance until the first light of dawn.

Garda Island Lake Garda Brescia wedding party fireworks

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