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Wedding | Masseria Torre Maizza


Wedding day - Masseria Torre Maizza

Event Boutique GesmbH
Masseria Torre Maizza

In the heart of the enchanting Puglia, amidst fragrant lemon groves, ancient olive trees, and the majestic Masseria Torre Maizza, a spectacular wedding unfolded, turning three days into an unforgettable experience. With our signature touch, every detail was curated with passion and dedication, creating a magical event that captured the essence of Puglian beauty.

Design Approach

Drawing upon our experience, we provided technical support for the entertainment group’s requests. The journey commenced with a Welcome Dinner under a pergola adorned with the scent of lemons. Here, the architecture of Masseria Torre Maizza was enhanced by an architectural lighting show, illuminating not only the structure but also the lush surrounding vegetation. Grand imperial tables, beneath the warmth of soft lights, set the perfect stage for an evening of conviviality and good food. The heart of the wedding was on the second day, with the celebration of vows. The couple exchanged promises, and afterward, guests were led to an impressive structure in the park, where every detail was orchestrated to create a unique scenography. An illuminated stage for the band, backline, and amplification ensured an unforgettable musical experience. The tensile structure, adorned with luxurious crystal chandeliers suspended at various heights, became a stage of light and allure. A large dance floor entirely mirrored, reflective counters, and an electrical distribution system with a power generator completed the setting, offering a perfect environment for dancing under the stars. The third and final day brought a touch of relaxation with an informal poolside brunch. Background music accompanied guests during a carefree, sunlit day, concluding the wedding with sweet memories and the promise of eternal love.


Event Boutique GesmbH


Masseria Torre Maizza
  • 4 D&B Audiotechnik V10 P Systems
  • 4 D&B Audiotechnik V-GSUB Systems
  • 12 L-Acoustics X8 Speakers
  • 1 DiGiCo SD9 Digital Mixer
  • 1 DiGiCo D2 Rack Stage Box
  • 1 Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer
  • 1 Yamaha RIO 3224-D Stage Box
  • 8 Shure ULXD Radiomicrophones
  • 8 Sennheiser G4 IEM Channels
  • 1 Complete Microphone Setup
  • 80 Zenit B200 Wall Washer Lights
  • 60 Prolights SmartBat Plus+ Uplighter Lights
  • 36 Prolights LumiPix12Q LED Bar Lights
  • 18 Crystal Chandelier Lights
  • 12 DTS Raptor Beam Moving Lights
  • 24 Robe LEDBeam150 Moving Lights
  • 12 Robe LEDBeam350 Moving Lights
  • 16 Showtec Sunstrip Active LED Effects
  • 24 Mirror Balls of Various Sizes
  • 8 E.T.C. Source Four LED Shapers
  • 2 Swefog Ultimate 2000 Smoke Machines
  • 1 Grandma 3 Lite Console
  • 48 sqm Modular Stage with Finishing
  • 6 Mirrored Bar Stations
  • 1 36 sqm Mirrored Dance Floor
Electrical distribution
  • 1 Stabilized Silenced 120 kW Generator
  • 1 Westelectric 400V 400A Power Box
  • 2 Westelectric 400V 125A Power Boxes
  • 4 Westelectric 400V 63A Power Boxes
  • 32 Technicians for Audio, Video, and Lights Setup/Dismantling
  • 9 Technicians for Audio, Video, and Lights Control Room
  • 28 Logistics Personnel for Material Handling
  • 1 Ground Transport Articulated Vehicle
  • 2 Motorboats for Water Transport

Our method

Our method is based on efficient and detailed planning. The various phases of a project are controlled and verified step by step: from our technical to creative office, each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager, and our production staff monitors the design and execution of events.


We are always searching for the most modern solutions and exclusive technologies to ensure the best solutions for client needs. With proven experience and expertise in diverse contexts, we manage the design and technical support for any type of location. We have learned to interpret environments and make them align with the desires and needs of our clients.

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