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Foresta RAVA

For many years now, sustainability has been a daily conversation topic. We have set up Foresta RAVA as we believe that respect for the environment and love of nature are elements that encourage us to pursue a sustainable project for the global economy.

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Less plastic consumed
Optimised flows
Lower pollution impact caused by logistics handling
Lower CO 2 emissions to combat the environmental impact of events
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Our mission

We pursue our mission every day, both inside and outside our company with installation of micro-filtered water columns and flasks for our entire team to help reduce plastic consumption, a photovoltaic system built by UpSolar to cover all our headquarters’ needs and to charge our battery-powered equipment, a Wallbox to charge the electric vehicles we use for short journeys and the cars we use for venue inspections, all managed by Growatt systems for flow optimisation.

We are present all over Italy thanks to our headquarters and three warehouses, with the aim of reducing our logistics-related pollution impact and to be closer to our customers.

As of this year, we have also embarked on a path that brings value to the planet and to people. To counter the CO 2 impact of our events, we have developed a reduction plan, thus initiating a reforestation project with high social impact.

For every project you confirm,
we will plant tree.

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New life for forests.

Our commitment is tangible: bringing new life to a forest means supporting farming communities to resist the effects of the climate crisis and uncontrolled deforestation. We at Rava have decided to take action in Guatemala: an area with one of the highest deforestation rates in the Americas.


Over the past 20 years, Guatemala has lost 20 per cent of its forests as the main consequence of an exaggerated expansion of industrial agriculture, facilitated, moreover, by unfulfilled economic and employment opportunities, legislative failures and intricate land tenure systems.

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RAVA sostenibilità

Donation and support.

This project aims to donate free trees to local farmers, supporting them in cultivating their land, defending their identity and training them on how to grow and manage them in a sustainable way over time.


We believe in this project, and we believe that our land is worth fighting for. Each and every one of us has the power to make the world a better place… start by supporting us!

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