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Special Effects


When experience generates emotion

Our team’s goal is to create successful events that generate long-lasting emotions. For this reason, we offer you various different scenographic effects and use the best technologies available on the market to create unforgettable moments.


These are cold pyrotechnic fountains that reproduce the effect of artificial fountains. They can be used either indoors or outside and are completely safe as they do not heat up or emit smoke, are non-toxic, odourless and free from flammable substances. They create splendid shows and are the perfect accompaniment to the photographers’ favourite moment: the cutting of the cake.

Petal showers

This is one of the most popular special effects as it can make the most significant moments during your event magical. We choose petal colour, size and material with you to match your chosen mood.

Architectural video projection

Architectural video projections are designed to transform different types of surfaces into a dynamic display. Thanks to the latest generation of video projectors and the work of professional technicians and light designers, we can create an immersive experience that fully respects the characteristic elements of the structure.

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