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Golden Goose

Golden Goose

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the international luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose chose its birthplace, Venice. This unique event featured a performance by Olympic skater Cory Juneau, who showcased his skills on a suspended skate bowl in the heart of the lagoon, set up for the occasion by our team. Following the show, an exclusive dinner was held at the Venice Venice Hotel, during which we supported the technical needs of the special guest singer Mafalda.

Design Approach

An evening full of emotions and inspirations, a one-of-a-kind performance made possible by the setup work carried out by our team of expert technicians. We didn’t just organize the floating raft but provided a comprehensive service. The skate bowl, illuminated by the golden light of the sunset, along with the specially designed amplification system for entertainment and dinner, allowed guests to experience something truly magical.


Golden Goose


  • Technical setup of the 18×18 skate bowl mounted on a floating raft
  • Construction of a Layher wall
  • Installation of a LED wall projecting images captured by drones and cameras inside the skate bowl
  • Amplification for guest entertainment area
  • Illumination of the skate bowl
  • Technical support for the singer
  • Customized amplification

Our method

Our method is based on efficient and detailed planning. The various phases of a project are controlled and verified step by step: from our technical to creative office, each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager, and our production staff monitors the design and execution of events.


We are always searching for the most modern solutions and exclusive technologies to ensure the best solutions for client needs. With proven experience and expertise in diverse contexts, we manage the design and technical support for any type of location. We have learned to interpret environments and make them align with the desires and needs of our clients.

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