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Private • 12 March 2024

Green Illumination

In the setup of an outdoor wedding, lights for garden trees can create a captivating and elegant atmosphere. Let’s explore the types of lighting most suitable for decorating the outdoor environment.

Lights for Garden Trees: Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are luminous strings that emit a warm and soft light. Since LED bulbs don’t overheat, they can be placed near the foliage and bark of the trees. You can use them to wrap around the branches and illuminate the tree’s canopy or hang them, letting them cascade to the ground for a “waterfall of light” effect. Additionally, with fairy lights, you can create luminous garlands to hang on taller shrubs, crafting magnificent scenography around the wedding reception venue. Micro-light garlands are also suitable for illuminating trees along villa pathways, rows in a vineyard, or floral arrangements.

Choosing Lights for Garden Trees

– For large-trunked garden trees, it’s preferable to choose LED floodlights with wide coverage, allowing light to radiate across the entire canopy.
– For tall and slender trunk trees, we recommend using a Spotlight projector with a narrower beam, capable of enhancing the trunk and height of the plant.
– LED strips, on the other hand, highlight hedges, shrubs, and low bushes, thanks to ellipsoidal optics that concentrate light on the plant. Depending on the orientation and power of the LEDs, you can create unique light effects. For instance, by directing the light beam from bottom to top, you’ll enhance the tree’s structure, achieving a very suggestive effect. If you want to increase the perceived size of the plant, it’s advisable to use three spotlights arranged in a triangle around the trunk. Finally, you can make the bark surface stand out by placing a light point in front of the tree.

Regardless, it’s crucial to balance the LED power to avoid glare and instead achieve a soft and enveloping light. Another aspect to consider in choosing lights for garden trees is the type of illumination, warm or cool. If you want to give a chic and formal look to the environment, cool light is more suitable. If the wedding theme is vintage, country, or boho, warm light is perfect for imparting a welcoming and informal touch to outdoor spaces. Also, consider the aesthetic result you want to achieve: while cool light enhances the tree’s forms, warm light intensifies the color of the leaves. You can even use both to play with different tones.

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