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Business • 12 March 2024


Are you looking to organize an event for your company that will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your colleagues? Are you searching for something new, unique, and original? Well, now close your eyes and envision a large cube positioned at the center of a room in the location you’ve chosen. The geometric perfection of this polyhedron immediately conveys a sense of order, solidity, and control. Then, the cube comes to life, engaging with the surrounding environment and the attendees through projections that unfold on its sides, enveloped by large screens. And now, it’s no longer just rigid and perfect; the emotions it conveys become dynamic, vivid, and pulsating.

The walls of the cube are dynamic, vibrant, and interactive projections. Then, the drapes will descend only at the right moment, thanks to the kabuki effect, perfectly synchronized with each other and the music, making way for the heart of your message. Your product.

Introducing the I-Cube, the dynamic multimedia presentation that becomes an immersive experience, where people gain a complete 360° view and are literally surrounded by the message being presented. You can even enter inside this cube, from one side that remains open, and interact with the product authentically and genuinely. A hypermedia experience so flawless it seems real.

The I-Cube: where the real and multimedia can coexist in simple harmony of perfection.

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