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Private • 12 March 2024

Table Illumination

The choice of lighting for the tables at a wedding is crucial to enhance the mise en place, decorations, and served dishes, while also making guests feel at ease. Warm and pleasant lighting creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, fostering a climate of relaxation and conviviality. Let’s explore the main solutions for illuminating wedding tables in a functional and scenic manner.


Spotlights are miniaturized cable-free projectors installed on self-supporting structures with a minimal design. They are usually positioned at the corners of a room to integrate them as much as possible into the environment and illuminate the tables from above. In rooms with low ceilings and exposed beams, they can be mounted directly on the beams, avoiding the need for additional supports. Each projector is installed at a specific height, radiating soft and delicate light that enhances the mise en place and highlights the natural colors of the dishes. Spotlights are a widely used solution in weddings as they provide functional light easily combinable with more scenic ambient lighting.

Battery Lamps

These battery-powered lamps are placed directly on the tables and illuminate floral arrangements and dishes, and consequently, the guests seated at the table. They are available in various models, either classic or modern, depending on the wedding theme and the aesthetic preferences of the couple. This practical and functional solution can also be used on buffet and dessert tables. They can be used in combination with battery-powered mini spotlights to integrate the ambient light diffused by projectors with direct lighting on the tables.


Gobos project various graphic motifs from above. They are perfect for enhancing the beauty of the chosen reception venue and creating refined and suggestive visual effects, completely customizable according to the wedding theme and the couple’s requests. For example, you can recreate a “foliage” effect or a “frosted glass” effect that projects lights and shadows onto the dinner tables.


For their unique visual and aesthetic effect, candles are an essential element in setting up wedding tables. Perfectly integrable with various types of lighting, they are ideal for giving a sumptuous, romantic, and elegant look to the reception hall. They can be arranged on classic silver candelabras or inside floral centerpieces or left to float on glass candle holders. Discover all the Ravaservice solutions to illuminate the tables at your wedding and other spaces in an elegant and suggestive way.

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