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Private • 12 March 2024

The Vintage Touch of String Light ®

As the warm season arrives, organizing outdoor receptions becomes pleasant and enjoyable to fully embrace the mild summer temperatures. If your event is inspired by vintage and rustic style to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere for your guests, even the setups are designed to follow a vintage-chic mood, where Light Design plays a fundamental role.

In this case, light is both functional and scenic. With a dense lattice of carbon fiber bulb strings inspired by Edison’s originals, Light Design projects using String Lights® acquire a distinctive and unmistakable aura—a slightly retro charm reminiscent of ancient outdoor celebrations, now more original and trendy than ever.

We were among the first to propose and use them for the illumination of tensile structures and convivial outdoor receptions, experimenting with their synergy with our more modern lighting solutions, achieving excellent results. Suitable for any type of event, whether it be a wedding or a casually themed celebration, they are presented in combination with scenic lighting to recreate a retro and welcoming atmosphere.

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