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Business • 12 March 2024

How to Create an Excellent Virtual Online Congress

Strengths of a Streaming Event

Organizing an event is an exact science; it requires attention, analytical and forecasting skills, and excellent problem-solving abilities. Planning every phase of the event, consulting with industry professionals, and being proactive to face and resolve any possible unforeseen issues are crucial. Organizing a virtual congress requires the same organizational skills as an in-person event, but with particular attention to the specificities of this type of event.

How to Organize a Streaming Event?

In this particular moment, using streaming technologies to host an online congress is a necessity, and it’s not excluded that this type of congress may survive and become a trend in the future. An online event is more cost-effective than a traditional congress, allowing significant savings in direct organization costs and ancillary expenses (speaker travel costs, accommodation, etc.). It also ensures greater flexibility for both speakers and participants, enabling them to connect directly from their locations, leading to increased availability and participation of speakers and guests.


So, can we create a real streaming event using the same assets as live events? But more importantly, is it true that organizing a streaming congress only requires a good internet connection and a conference platform?
An online congress cannot be conceived simply as a faithful reproduction of the traditional in-person version. Most often, major conference platforms are designed exclusively to connect small virtual workgroups. Thus, they do not allow for the creation of a real congress and ensuring equal interaction between the audience and speakers. The inability to actively participate could make sessions dull for guests, while the main purpose of the event should be to entertain, providing an engaging experience for all participants.

Here are some insights to plan an engaging and effective event

Choose Between a Real or Virtual Congress

The first choice concerns the actual planning of the event. There are two options: in the first case, speakers will connect from their locations and intervene in real-time from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you can consider a hybrid solution, where moderators and speakers are gathered in a location equipped with an audio-video-light setup, and the event is recorded. A technical control room will handle broadcasting and live streaming.

Participant Registration and Access

In a traditional congress, each guest registers physically at the organizational secretariat’s desk before the sessions. This function is exclusive to specific dedicated platforms, which include registration and authentication of all guests through dedicated login pages.

Management of Speakers and Parallel Sessions

Platforms dedicated to streaming events allow connecting a speaker with an audience but also enable multiple speakers to interact with moderators. In this case, you can organize parallel sessions and roundtable discussions to differentiate the offer and provide the most personalized experience possible.


At the end of the sessions, speakers leave room for in-depth questions. Without resorting to chats and messages, professional platforms allow the audience to communicate with the speaker directly. The user can ask questions and be visible and audible to all present guests. However, it is possible to include customized chats where speakers can also address minor doubts or issues.

Access to Supplementary Materials

To ensure the maximum understanding of all topics discussed during the sessions, you can insert customized landing pages to integrate the experience with in-depth materials and virtual poster spaces.

Digital Sponsors

Paying attention to event sponsors and giving them the right relevance is crucial for the success of a virtual congress. Sponsors are also an integral part of streaming events. Using professional platforms, you can insert logos and banners within the video session layout. Moreover, you can create virtual exhibition spaces where users can deepen their knowledge of the sponsor, download content, and access additional information.

Our Tips for a Successful Interactive Virtual Streaming Event

Rethink the New Concept of Streaming Events

We recommend researching and evaluating all available tools to recreate a complete yet focused event. Evaluating the event with a focus on user experience will help identify gaps or, conversely, less engaging sections.

Rely on Professionals

While it’s true that with the Internet, everyone can participate in a video call, the final result may not be professional and up to the standards of your audience. Being able to rely on an excellent technical team is the key to a successful event.

At Ravaservice, through our Virtual Interactive Congress platform, we design every aspect of the event together with you, taking care of every detail and customizing it to your requirements. During rehearsals and during the event, we provide complete technical support, a remote control room for planning the event, and one you can count on for a simply impeccable outcome! If this post has sparked your interest in organizing a streaming event, all you have to do is contact us. Together, we will design your next event with Virtual Interactive Congress.

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