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Private • 12 March 2024

Choosing Lights for Your Wedding: A Guide

Wedding light design allows you to plan the lighting for a wedding based on the chosen theme and setting, enhancing the venue aesthetically.


In the selection of lights for a wedding, two aspects must be considered: the functional and the aesthetic.


Firstly, in the selection of lighting, it is essential to consider how a space will be used during the event. Will it be a passageway, or an area designated for a specific activity (cocktail, dinner, cake cutting, etc.)? It is also important to take into account the type of setting, available spaces, and, of course, the season and time of day when the ceremony and reception will take place.


The second aspect concerns the desire to captivate and amaze guests with evocative lighting effects. Let’s explore the various types of lights suitable for weddings and when it is useful to choose them.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting allows you to illuminate buffet and wedding reception tables with warm and soft light that preserves the natural colors of the served dishes, enhancing their presentation. Thanks to cable-free technology, LED projectors can be integrated into the existing setup without impacting the overall aesthetic. Accent lighting is also useful for focusing guests’ attention on decorative elements such as frescoes, stuccos, statues in corridors, and passageways.

Ambient Lighting

It serves to evenly illuminate indoor or outdoor spaces without highlighting any particular detail. The range of lights includes chandeliers, String Lights® – strings of bulbs to hang from trees or a tensile structure – and lanterns.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is designed to enhance the beauty of buildings with artistic and historical value through concentrated light beams on specific architectural elements or with homogeneous lighting of entire walls. The ability to modulate the colors of LED projectors allows for emotionally impactful chromatic effects. Ceilings with exposed beams, the façade of a villa, or the tower of a medieval castle can become an integral part of the chosen wedding setup through architectural lighting.

Special Wedding Lights

Even the dance floor requires special lighting: moving heads that project beams of white or colored light, as well as vintage lamps inspired by 1950s design, perfect for creating warm lighting and a refined, slightly retro atmosphere. A perfect idea to make the cake cutting moment special is the Sparkular Lights, cold light fountains that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


The range of wedding lights is extensive and allows for creating the most suitable light design project for the wedding theme and the aesthetic taste of the couple. Are you looking for a company capable of providing you with an exclusive light design service to make your wedding day unique? Contact us for more information.

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