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Private • 12 March 2024

5 Christmas Decorations

Christmas is approaching, and for many, preparations are underway to decorate and embellish their homes for the holidays. Christmas trees, whether classic or original, wreaths, candle centerpieces – there are now countless ways to decorate and beautify practically every room!

But let’s talk about how satisfying it is to have outdoor decorations. (Even just to make the nosy neighbor a bit envious…)

There are many ways to decorate the facade of the house and enhance the garden with lights and colors. You don’t need a huge garden to make it beautiful: even the front driveway, if well decorated, can change its appearance and be maximally enhanced.

Are you ready to wrap your house in a truly Christmas fairy tale atmosphere?

Here are five ideas to festively illuminate the exterior of your little house:


Tree Lights

Imagine one or more trees in your garden with branches wrapped in our Fairy Lights: luminous strings that emit a warm and soft light. Micro LEDs that do not overheat, so they can be placed near the foliage and bark of the plants. They can also be hung and left to descend to the ground for a “waterfall of light” effect.


Glowing Hedges and Bushes

Not just trees! Let’s also illuminate the hedges or bushes in the garden, perhaps with LED bars to be positioned on the ground near the plant. Depending on the orientation and power of the LEDs, you can create unique lighting effects. For example, by directing the light beam from bottom to top, you’ll enhance the plant’s features, achieving a very suggestive effect of soft and enveloping light.


Enchanting Door

Our front door is the welcome we offer to those who come to visit and the place where we leave behind anger and worries before entering the loving warmth of our little home. So why not make the most of it? Instead of the usual holly wreath or the Santa face (very ’90s), imagine a suggestive and welcoming wreath of lights. Sparkling and colorful or warm and hospitable, they will bring a smile to anyone who has the pleasure of passing by. 


Sparkling Windows

We certainly can’t forget the windows; decorating them will offer a beautiful effect both from the inside and outside of your home! We can decorate them along the entire edge with a strip of LEDs or let a rain of Fairy Lights fall, creating a truly wonderful effect!


Architectural Lighting

If you like to dare and not go unnoticed, here’s the solution: enhance the facade of the house, the staircase, the porch, or other special architectural elements through a clever use of light. You can choose to project animated images or completely customized color effects on the walls…for a truly “wow” effect.

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