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Private • 12 March 2024

5 Floral Arrangement Ideas

At a wedding, floral decorations are essential to enhance the beauty of the venue and add a touch of romance and poetry to the setting. In this article, we provide you with some useful tips to create refined and original floral decorations for your wedding.

Floral Panel

A panel entirely covered with grass, leaves, and colorful flowers is a floral decoration perfect for weddings with a botanical or nature theme. It can be placed behind the bridal table, in the area where the civil ceremony takes place, or in a corner of the garden, serving as a picturesque background. Another original idea is to use it for the tableau de mariage.

Flower Spheres

Floral spheres of various colors and sizes are perfect for hanging on tree branches or the ceiling of a porch, or to decorate the pathway leading to the altar. They can also become an original bridal and bridesmaid bouquet or a charming centerpiece.

Potted Trees

Who said trees should only be in the garden? You can place potted plants in the indoor reception hall to give it a more welcoming and informal look. If the dinner takes place in the evening, you can also hang various types of luminous decorations, from String Lights to crystal chandeliers.

Floating Flowers

Floating flowers are perfect for enhancing a brick wall or creating visually striking scenography using existing ceilings or structures. They can be combined with luminous threads to achieve an even more suggestive effect during the evening hours.

Runner di fiori e piante

Green runners are floral decorations for weddings with a significant visual impact. There are various solutions alternating moss carpets, leaf garlands, candles, and flowers in vases or glass containers. Alternatively, you can opt for the more classic flower runner, perfect for ceremonies with a romantic and chic style! Our suggestions end here, but there are truly numerous ideas to create original and elegant wedding floral decorations. Our advice is to consult with a skilled flower designer to create decorations that best suit your tastes and the wedding theme.

Floral Design Credits: Centro Fiori Venezia, Vincenzo Dascanio Studio, Munaretto Flowers, La Dogaressa Flowers

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