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Private • 12 March 2024

Light Enhances Every Event

Chandeliers have always been elements capable of defining the setup of an event. Along with the type of light they emit (warm or cool, soft or bright), they can decisively impact the mood of a wedding and create sophisticated atmospheres in indoor or outdoor venues! Martino Crespi, the undisputed director of enchantments and mastermind behind the most glamorous events at the Venice Film Festival, says, “You can create a grand setup, but if it’s not well-lit, much of the work is nullified.” And he’s right!

So, let’s think about Chandeliers, elegant and refined crystal chandeliers supported by an essential and curved steel rod, perfect for embellishing imperial tables and enhancing setups. Chandeliers are the most sophisticated sources of artificial light and can provide a diffuse illumination of the surrounding environment: a refined detail, synonymous with timeless class. You can also hang them from existing tensile structures in a venue or customize them with specially designed floral decorations to make them an integral part of the setup.

Alternatively, for a more rustic wedding, consider Rattan chandeliers that, incredible in their simplicity, offer warm illumination capable of immediately warming the context in which they are installed. They provide a natural and disarming atmosphere, offering everyone present a comfortable feeling of homeliness. With their dense weave, they can add a touch of green, rustic, or vintage and emit a warm and extended light.

Are you unsure about which chandelier is the best to make your setup perfect? Here at RAVA, we can offer you a wide and deep assortment of chandeliers, available for rent, to meet all needs and perfect for any setting! Request our chandelier catalog and find the perfect one for your event!

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