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Private • 12 March 2024

New Color Trends for Weddings in 2024

What will be the coolest color for weddings in 2024? The choice of color palette for weddings should primarily align with the preferences of the future spouses and the chosen wedding theme. However, drawing inspiration from the latest trends in the wedding industry can be helpful.

Wedding Trends 2024

Slow & green: This sums up the style of weddings in the coming year. Wedding ceremonies will be spread over several days, and preferences will lean towards nature-immersed locations with tables set outdoors, such as traditional villas and castles, as well as agriturismos and mountain cabins. “Green” also signifies a greater focus on environmental sustainability. Couples will increasingly lean towards eco-friendly products and materials, especially for decorations and wedding stationery. Choosing to celebrate weddings in spacious outdoor settings is driven by a renewed desire for simplicity and naturalness, aligning perfectly with health prevention measures. One of the major trends of 2021 is the minimal wedding, characterized by receptions emphasizing elegant simplicity. This trend encourages soft and delicate tones for invitations and announcements and wedding dresses with clean lines and refined simplicity, without ostentation.


Couples planning their weddings primarily want to return to dreaming and are seeking magical and evocative setups capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In this context, light design becomes essential for creating emotional and enchanting sceneries. Candles, StringLights®, cascades of lights, and vintage lamps are welcomed, accompanied by modifiable architectural lighting in the same colors chosen for the setup. Floral decorations are essential, following either a country-chic style with wildflowers, wicker baskets, and natural elements like berries, fruits, and wood, or a botanical style with light and spontaneous compositions dominated by the greenery of leaves and pastel or white flower hues. Those environmentally conscious may opt for paper or other recyclable materials for both the bride’s bouquet and decorations.

Colors for Weddings in 2024

Pantone® has revealed the top ten trending shades for spring/summer 2021. From mint green to lemon yellow, passing through fuchsia and coral, the proposed selection is a triumph of pastel shades accompanied by more vibrant and brilliant nuances. The classic color palette has also been updated, featuring – in addition to black – four neutral hues to pair with brighter tones.


Regardless of the theme and style chosen for your wedding, this color range can adapt to any wedding and setting. At this point, we just have to wait to discover Pantone’s Color of 2024, which will be announced in a few months…stay tuned! Contact us to explore all the solutions dedicated to wedding setups: we will help you choose the lighting that best suits your needs.

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